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A Dolago Partner

Who can become a Dolago Partner?


You have worked hard to establish a good sized social following. Your fans turn to you for fashion tips.Turn your viewers into your customers!


You are a professional! You are a hairstylist an MUA or a beautician. You are deep-rooted in the beauty industry. You know what your clients need and want and we’ve got exactly that! Send them to your Dolago store instead of Sallys!


You are an entrepreneur at heart. You know how to sell. Start today with ZERO investments!


Sharing is just your second nature. We know that style is something you love to talk about, and your friends just can’t get enough of it. You know what’s trending and you have an eye for beauty, so let’ s get you paid for sharing!

How it works

Dolago was founded in 2012. We work with factories that have been in business for over 15 years. From the quality to the style, we’ve got it down. We also have a full team of well-trained employees to help you run your business smoothly. Everything is optimized to a fault.

By partnering with us, you can earn 7% commission on anything you sell, plus the opportunity to earn an additional 3% when your customer registers to become a seller themselves. Hey! 10% is a really great profit margin for any retail business! By working with us, you do not have any overheads. No initial investments. AND, your customers are very well taken care of by our professional sales team!

It's as simple as sharing your store links! When your customers or viewers click on your store link, they are locked in. As long as they don't switch devices, they are always in your store. Your commission is secured.

What you do

Share the link!

What we do

sourcing, marketing, IT, Listing, Inventory, payment, fraud prevention, order processing, quality control, packaging, shipping, return management, customer service, and so much more! We do all the heavy lifting so you don't have to.


DOLAGO is more than just a business

We set industry benchmarks and

Belief in values

Easy compensation plan

Dedication to community

World's best quality products

Driven by mutual development with partner

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