1. Double check
    When you receive brand new front lace wigs, please check carefully before wearing them, including mesh cap size, texture, length, etc. Our website accepts 30-day no-reason returns, but it must not affect our secondary sales. Usually, before delivery, our salesman will confirm the product with you first, and then arrange the delivery after you agree. If you think the lace frontal wigs human hair has a slight smell, don't worry, it may be a factory-processed smell, just wash it with shampoo or conditioner.

2. Fixed Size Natural Hair
    Make sure to braid your hair into a flat plane before wearing the frontal wigs. If you have short hair, use clips and mesh caps to hold your hair in place. Rest assured that wigs do not interfere with the natural growth of natural hair.

3. Choose a professional wig adhesive
    At present, many wigs are non-adhesive lace front wigs for sale, which can be worn by using the clips and adjustment straps in the mesh cap, so you only need to apply adhesive on the lace part of the forehead. We recommend choosing a professional adhesive that does not have any irritating effects on the scalp.

4. Correctly remove the front lace wig
    The service life of the wig depends on your level of care. You can wear the frontal wigs for a long time, but after the interval, please remember to clean the wig and use a professional glue remover to remove the wig.

5. Remember to take care of your natural hair
    Although the mesh cap protects our natural hair, if you plan to wear the front lace wig for a long time, it needs to be cleaned and maintained for our natural hair, make sure to take off the wig every week to clean the hair and scalp.