If you are in love with front lace wigs, to save money, decide to install the wig yourself at home. When you find that the lace part does not blend well with the hairline, or does not fit the hairline for a long time, you will be frustrated and disappointed, and repeated attempts may eventually damage the high-quality lace wig.

    Why do so many celebrity hairstylists put so much emphasis on the perfect lace bonding technique? Because you don't want people to see that you're wearing a wig, you need to make sure that the hairline blends perfectly with the scalp and that the lace melts properly. Therefore, applying the glue correctly is a key step, which will not cause the human hair lace front wigs edge to protrude or lift. The better your front lace wigs bonding, the longer you can wear it without deformation, and have a realistic and natural hairline without worrying about the lace frontal wigs human hair curling up after wearing it all day. Front lace wigs are also great protection for the edges, possibly preventing clogged pores or an itchy scalp, etc.

    When choosing lace front human hair wigs, be sure to choose a place that perfectly matches your skin tone. High-definition lace or sheer lace can blend in with any skin tone. Generally speaking, wigs that have been bleached the knots will look more realistic, and Dolago wigs are lightly pre-bleached before leaving the factory. The unbleached knots look like tiny black dots that stand out on the lace and make the cheap lace front wigs not like it's growing naturally from your scalp at all. And we recommend that you pre-pluck the wig at home, and use tweezers to pluck the excess hair from the edge of the wig to make it more in line with the contours of the natural hairline.

    So how to perfectly blend with the front lace wigs?

    The first step is to clean natural hair and human hair lace front wigs, and use healthy shampoo and essential oils to maintain natural hair and wigs, so as to avoid dry and itchy scalp after wearing lace front wigs. Then, when melting the lace, you must ensure that the base is clean and free of any grease and dirt, otherwise, the lace will not be able to stand very firmly on the skin. After washing the face, we can use a cotton pad dipped in alcohol to gently wipe the edges of the hairline to ensure that excess oil is removed.

    In the second step, braid your natural hair together to create a flat face as much as possible. After wearing the net cap, adjust the position of the frontal lace wig according to your own preferences, align the hairline, and fix the wig. Then fold the excess lace back and apply glue evenly about 1 inch from the forehead, being sure not to apply glue close to the hairline to prevent tangling and damage to the edges. Then cut the lace into jagged edges, and as the glue becomes transparent, gently cover the folded lace on the hairline, and press slowly with the end of the comb. PS: After bonding the hairline, you can fix it with a hairband for 10 minutes to ensure it is perfectly bonded

    In the third step, if the lace of the front lace wig you choose does not match the skin color, then you can use a liquid foundation or lace spray that is similar to your skin color to adjust the color of the lace, just like makeup, keep getting closer to the skin color we want until it becomes invisible.

    If you want a perfectly blended lace front human hair wigs edge, you need constant practice. If you are a novice, you can first buy a cheap synthetic wig to practice bonding. I believe that after a while, you will be able to professionally bond the hairline and make it blend together. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!