1. Q: What are full lace wigs?
    Answer: The base of the full lace wig is made of the whole lace, and each 100% human hair is manually knotted on the net cap. The full lace wigs can separate the hair arbitrarily, and the breathability is very good, which can provide a realistic and invisible hairline, and you can have a net red ponytail hairstyle.

2. Q: How long can the full lace human hair wigs be used?
    A: The lifespan of a wig depends on your level of care, and if you maintain it carefully, it can last more than a year. For example, don't use hot water to wash your lace wig, don't use a fine-toothed comb to pull a wet wig, and don't use a hairdryer to dry it.

3. Q: How often should I wash a full lace wig?
    A: The frequency of wig cleaning depends on how much you sweat, whether the weather is dry, whether you apply too much adhesive, etc., usually once a week or once every two weeks. Try not to wash too often, it will damage your full lace wig. And can be combined with healthy hair care products for deep cleansing. It should be noted that the lace area of ​​the full lace wig is too large and should be handled with care to avoid tearing.

4. Q: Can I wear human hair full lace wigs to work all day?
    A: According to our customer feedback, many people like to wear full lace human hair wigs to work, about 10 hours a day on average, and then take off their wigs when they come home from getting off work. Some clients, who don't sebum a lot and don't sweat too much, wear their full lace wigs for a whole week, then take them off for cleaning. But we don't recommend wearing a full lace wig for more than a week, you still need to wash your natural hair.

5. Q: Can I sleep with a full lace wig?
    A: We generally do not recommend wearing a wig to sleep. Because the hair and the pillow will rub and damage the wig, of course, if you switch to a silk pillow, the damage will be reduced. If you just want to sleep with a wig, wear a wig-specific silk wig cap to protect your hair.

6. Q: Why are full lace wigs so expensive?
    A: Full lace wigs are also called handmade wigs. In order to ensure the quality, 100% of human hair is manually knotted on the lace mesh cap one by one, so it requires a lot of labor costs. And at this stage, due to the COVID-19, there is a lack of materials to make human hair full lace wigs, so wigs will become more and more expensive.

7. Q: After placing the order, how soon can I receive the full lace wig?
    A: Due to the lack of materials and the need for a lot of manual production, it generally takes about 25-30 days to make. Like the United States, Australia, and some European countries, you will generally receive the product within 3-5 working days, and for some countries that require tariffs or remote countries, the maximum time will not exceed 10 working days.