"HD lace wig" stands for high definition. High-definition lace material, also known as Swiss lace, will be more invisible, softer, and lighter than transparent lace wig. This ensures that the hd lace frontal wig wearer can have an exposed hairline, making the hd wigs wearer's hairline look very natural and blends perfectly with your skin, this hd lace is friendly for women with a receding hairline, no People can tell you're wearing an undetectable lace wig.

    HD wigs can be dyed, bleached, matched to your skin tone, and come with pre-bleached knots. Made with the highest and latest quality materials, our hd lace wig blend perfectly with all skin tones without the need for bleach. It blends easily into the skin while wearing and feels soft and smooth. Able to reduce irritation to the scalp and reduce itching or irritation.

    But at the same time be aware that HD Lace is thin, strong, and breathable, but due to its lightweight, HD wigs are more prone to tearing if you are not careful. The price will also be higher than that of transparent lace frontal wig. If your budget is not enough, you can try the high-definition hd lace frontal wig first.

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