Generally speaking, lace frontal wigs can last up to six weeks at a time if you use long-term adhesive. The max time to wear a glueless wig depends on the type of adhesive you use, and the retention time mainly depends on your method and product of using the wig. High-quality front lace wigs have a lifespan of about a year because raw human hair wigs have not been Chemical treatment, so choosing a high-quality lace frontal wigs is a prerequisite.

    However, we do not recommend wearing human hair lace front wigs for more than six weeks. Six weeks is a time node. After that, you must thoroughly clean the wig and perform deep maintenance and repair:

1. Do not use a fine-toothed comb to pull the glueless wigs vigorously, please use a wide-toothed comb or fingers to gently comb the wig;

2. Use alcohol-free cleaning products for cleaning, rinse under running cold water, do not use hot water;

3. Try to avoid applying conditioner to the forehead and bottom of the cheap human hair wigs, which may cause hair loss;

4. After washing, please put the front lace wigs on the vent and let them dry naturally. Avoid direct sunlight and try not to use heating products such as hair dryers, which can damage your hair;

5. If your lace front wig is tangled on the back or neck, please don't worry, the back and neck will have frequent friction with the hair, which is normal. You can use hair oil, drop it on the tangled area, and gently knead it to loosen it slowly.

    So how to effectively keep the glueless wigs longer? Please don't forget that the lifespan of a wig also depends on how often you use it, the less you wear it, the longer it will last. You can buy two cheap human hair wigs and use them in rotation. Or on the day off, store the wig carefully, do not put the wig in a damp, cold, or direct sun; if you go out for a trip, please always bring a wig holder to avoid the wig being squeezed by heavy objects and keep it in its original state shape.

    It is recommended that you take off the lace frontal wigs in a gentle way, and tie the wig into a ponytail first so that the edges are clearly exposed. For short bob wigs, tuck the sides of the hair on top of your head, away from your face. Dip the glue remover with a cotton pad or a towel and gently apply it to the junction of the lace and the skin to soften the glue on the edge of the wig. After a few minutes, you can gently take off the wig. Of course, it's a good idea to clean up any adhesive residue from the lace if you want to.

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