For everyone who wears a wig for sale, a natural and realistic appearance is their pursuit. They don't want to go to the supermarket and be stared at their hair carefully; they don't want to follow the wig like in those funny TV shows. The raised edge can be easily pulled off... Learn some glueless wig maintenance tips below to extend the life of your wig and maintain a high-quality look.

    1. Reduce the frequency of wearing the glueless wig. A garden that has never been developed is always more beautiful than the flowers in the park. We can't just keep the wig and not wear it. We should try not to wear the same glueless wig every day. If you're an everyday wig wearer, consider buying two wigs to replace in turn. The less you wear wigs, the longer they last. And it can be fully maintained during the rest time of the wig.

    2. Use the correct cleaning procedure. In the case of our natural hair, frequent shampooing can dry out, brittle, and lose luster. The same is true of human hair lace wigs, if you frequently clear them, it may accelerate hair loss. Also, don't use shampoos and conditioners that contain harsh chemicals like alcohol, which can permanently damage your hair.

    Avoid massaging toiletries into the inside of the wig, as this can lead to residue buildup if you don't clean it properly. Rinse gently in a stream of clean, warm water, and gently combine with your fingers. Then let the wig air dry naturally, be sure not to use a hairdryer and avoid direct sunlight.

    Similarly, you can't neglect the cleaning of natural hair while focusing on maintaining the wig. Before wearing the glueless lace wigs, please make sure that there is no oil on the natural hair, so as not to stain the wig.

    3. Use professional HD lace wigs styling products, traditional salon styling products may damage the wig and make the wig look greasy.

    4. Try to avoid frequent use of heating tools such as curling irons, which may permanently damage the hair. If your wig's hair isn't high quality, these heating products may melt your hair. If you're looking for a change, go to a salon and find a professional stylist, I think they'll be more than happy to help you.

    5. It is best not to sleep with a glueless wig, the friction between the hair and the pillow or the body may cause the wig to become tangled and messy, and you will harvest the hair like a bird's nest the next day. When you're not wearing it, it's best to keep the human hair lace wigs in their original shape on the wig holder, which will reduce your prep time before you go to work the next day.

    The service life of wigs for sale depends on how well you maintain them. Usually, our human hair wigs can last for at least half a year. For those who take care of them carefully, wearing wigs for more than a year is no problem at all. If you have any other questions about wig maintenance, please feel free to contact us, or go to our online store to learn more about each hd lace wigs type, curvature, color, etc. You will definitely have an unexpected harvest!