In addition to being a fashion item, lace front wigs can also protect natural hair. Wearing a wig can help our natural hair grow longer, thicker, and healthier, we are often asked how to keep our natural hair healthy under a lace front wig, let me give a brief introduction today!
    People who often wear 
lace frontal wigs human hair should know that before wearing the wig, the natural hair should be braided to keep it as flat as possible under the wig net cap. The less space the natural hair takes up, the better. Keeping all-natural hair in one direction prevents hair from tangling, fluffing, and breaking. Although the natural hair is hidden under the wigs for sale, some hair tips will still be exposed. In order to ensure the healthy growth of natural hair, you can go to the salon to trim the hair moderately, mainly to trim some unhealthy split ends.

    There is often a misunderstanding here, wearing the lace front wigs doesn't mean you can't clean your natural hair. Dry or oily hair and scalp are a no-no, even if they are hidden under a lace frontal wigs human hair. If your natural hair or scalp is very dry, lightly apply a conditioner to keep it moist. Front lace wigs encourage sweat and dirt to build up, so regular cleaning of our natural hair is still necessary. But remember, try to avoid over-washing your hair, which will lose nutrients to your scalp.

    Although our front lace wigs for sale can be worn all day, we recommend removing the wig at intervals to allow your natural hair to breathe freely.

    If you have any other suggestions for keeping your natural hair healthy, please contact us! [email protected]