When dealing with lace front wigs, we often overlook a very important link, which is pulling out your wig. The hairline of the general front lace wigs is straight, too forward, or too dense, unlike natural hair. And pulling the wig is the process of removing the excess hair around the hairline of the front lace wig so that the frontal wigs have a hairline like a natural growth from the scalp.

    In the process of pre-plucking, we generally use wig holders, tweezers, pins, and rat-tail combs. Depending on personal preference, you can choose to perform the hair pulling treatment while the lace frontal wigs human hair is dry or wet.

    The Prime Minister pinned the wigs for sale online to the wig holder and used a comb to gently comb the wig to remove tangles. To expose the hairline, apply the mousse around the hairline and comb it back to tie the excess hair into a ponytail.

    Use a rat-tail comb to section the hair, beginning in layers to remove excess hair. Keep the short side of the tweezers down for easier access. During plucking, be sure to grab the hair near the root and avoid the lacy area. You can tweeze the hair in any direction as needed, but don't focus on the same area for too long as it can lead to baldness.