If you really want to wear a wig that looks completely real, you might want to see Brazilian hairpins. They are made from 100% human hair and look more realistic than Brazilian artificial hair. In addition, they have a similar pure texture and luster, when the external environment is very similar to ordinary hair, they will be blown, messy or curled by the wind.

Here are some of the reasonable advantages of hair bundles:

A completely different design

Whether the popular styling is layered, fluffy, simple or lengthy, these wigs can be simply designed according to the specific shape. It's exactly the same as having a thick hair with almost unlimited design options. Any such wig can be very simple and stylish, and can be curly, curly, pressed, or blown dry. In addition, there is the potential for hair dyeing, which is ideal for those who are trying to endure the whole fashion change.

Changing personal hair

If you regret having a short haircut, wigs are an ideal short-term solution until the pure hair grows to an extra acceptable size. On the other hand, wigs give people a lot of confidence in putting their hair wrong because of health problems, making it easier for them to enjoy their daily activities again. Once the pure hair comes out again, you may not want to show it off.

Are there any shortcomings

In fact, there are a number of reasons why the pure wig alternative is worth mentioning. Brazilians' wigs, for example, are very similar to real hair in humid climates and may start to curl or blister. Hair colors can begin to fade when exposed to strong sunlight, although some customers may like this pure color change. In addition, the elasticity of hair is much less, and after repeated warm modeling, back combing or normal rough combing, the hair is more likely to break.

In general, the appearance and elegance of wigs is entirely based on personal choice, but for those who want to take care of what may be the purest professional knowledge, a plain hair wig may be the most attractive possibility.