It is very common for a customer to bleach and dye a wig into the hairstyles they want or like.

So is it the same methods to bleach and dye an HD lace wig compared with a French lace wig? Today we will introduce all of these questions on bleaching and dying by this blog and hope it will help you to style a pretty hair wig. 

Before discussing bleaching and dyeing, we must first understand what bleaching and dyeing are, and what is the difference between them.

hd lace wigs can be dyed and bleached

So what is the processing of human hair wigs bleaching?

In short, the processing of bleaching is to open up the cuticle of hair on the surface to make it can be dyed and keep colors easily. Hair Bleaching is Chemical processing also you can say it is a technique for hair dyeing. We must be honest to say that the bleaching processing will damage the hair, no matter it is a human hair wig or your own hair. And after this damaging, all the hair can not back to the original stature.

So what is the processing of dyeing hair?

Hair dyeing also hair coloring, it is an action to change the hair color from one to the other one or two or even three. Also, this is Chemical processing on human hair, and it will cause irreversible damage.

body wave wigs hd lace type dyed for sale

After knowing the knowledge on human hair bleaching and dyeing then we can talk about the details on Bleached and dyed a hd lace wig now.

If you want to dye a natural color hd lace wig, then you need some information on the hd human hair wigs which you want to dye.

First, we need to know that only the virgin hair material hd human hair wigs can be dyed into light colors like 613 blonde colors. On the other hand, only the Remy and virgin material hd lace wigs can allow bleach and dyed. If you choose a none Remy HD lace wigs to bleach and dye then it will easy to damage it. 

Second, it is the details on bleaching and dyeing. Please take care of the steps and do not make mistakes. Because directly dying a wig, no matter it is a none remy wig, Remy hair wig, or even the virgin hair wig, you will not succeed, since the colors will not be attached on the surface of the wig. So you need to Bleach the human hair wig first, then choose the colors you like to dye them. The Bleaching processing is using the hair bleach powder to touch the surface of the hair and after all the hair is soft then means ok. Then it is the processing of dyeing, Adjust the color you want, and then apply these colors evenly on the surface of the bleached hair. Or after diluting the colors with water, put the bleached hair into the adjusted colors water. Then according to the coloring time required by different colors and different dyes, after the time is up, the surface of the hair can be cleaned with water. Then you will get what you need.

Third, As for the hd lace wigs dyeing. As we all know that the HD lace wigs are a little different from French Lace Wigs. So when we do the Bleach and Dyeing processing we need to be careful. When we bleach the hair please do not bleach the bottom of the hair or it will damage the lace surface and will cause hair loosing. The Other hand on the hd lace wigs dyeing is that we do not allow put the whole wigs into the colors water or the hd lace will be dyed and will not allow installing easily anymore.

colorful human hair hd lace wigs

All in all when you bleach and dyeing an HD lace wig then you will need to take care on the hd lace paring or it will damage the HD lace color and also the lace surface to cause hair loss. So hope this blog will give some help on hair dyeing and hair Bleaching. If you want to buy a new human hair wig home to bleach and dye by yourselves then you can visit our store: online human hair shop for women.