The customer’s head circumference can be large or small, but usually, the human hair wig products in stock are all medium size cap structure, so in many cases, after customers buy human hair wigs back home, they need to adjust the cap size according to their head circumference to make the human hair wigs fit their head more closely, which not only ensures that the human hair wigs will not fall off but also ensures a more natural wearing. How to ensure the effective size adjustment of human hair wig caps? This requires us to plan ahead in the design of human hair wig caps. Whether it is human hair lace wigs or none lace machine wigs, for example, u part wigs, headband wigs, machine wigs. We will sew a net hat comb or net hat clip on the net cap in advance, and also sew an adjustable strap. In this way, it can effectively assist the customer to wear the human hair wigs. The combs and the clip-ins on the human hair wig caps can help all the customers to wear a wig much more easier. Regarding the adjustable strips, its function is mainly to adjust the size of the net cap. If your head circumference is small, you can tighten the adjustment strap inward, so that the net cap can be made smaller, and the human hair wigs will be more It is firmly on your head. If your head circumference is relatively large, then you can pull the adjustment straps out so that you can adjust the mesh cap to be larger, so that the human hair wigs on your head will not be so tight. It will also look more natural.

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Generally speaking, different types of human hair wigs have different size wig caps. For Example, full lace human hair wigs are with little smaller human hair wig capsize, the normal lace front human hair wigs no matter the 13x4 lace front wigs or the 13x6 lace front human hair wigs are with the bigger wig capsize. So when you choose the human hair lace wigs you need just take care of this. Also for the 360 lace frontal human hair wigs are with normal wig capsize, so if you have normal size head then you can choose the medium cap 360 lace wigs then it will suitable for your head. As for the U Part Human Hair None Lace Wigs, these hair wigs are without a wig cap, so you no need worried to deal with human hair wig cap problems. But As for the U Part Wigs we still designed the different sizes of structures like the small size u part wigs, the medium size u part wigs, also the big size u part wigs. Also, we still sew the wig combs and also the wig clip-ins inside of u part wigs, and when you install u part hair wigs then you can just use them to confirm it and they will look really natural-looking. As for the human hair, headband wigs are almost the same as u part human hair wigs.

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So hope all of you guys can know some on the way to adjust a human hair wig to fit on your head. Also as one of the best quality human hair products vendors from the Online human hair wigs store. We will supply all of you guys the best quality human hair wigs at cheap prices so if you need some hair recently then all of you guys can visit our shop now. Any Products on the human hair material, human hair installing, or human hair shipping and so on then you can feel free to contact us.