Is the hair extension product that has the courage to extend, Are the human hair bundles better than the best tape in hair extensions? Are your clients hesitant to choose tape in hair or bundles hair? Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, this blog will briefly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of these two hair extension products.

    Our hair bundles are hand-sewn 100% raw human hair into weft hair, high quality hair bundles can be well hidden under our natural hair, impossible to show through thick or thin threads, sewn hair One side of the bundle is like a smooth surface. Sewing human hair bundles on natural hair will not damage our own hair, and our hair can still grow freely. And the variability of the hair bundle is particularly strong. You can cut a whole bundles hair into sections according to your needs and sew them where you want, giving you unlimited creative possibilities. But for people with thinner hair, the hair bundles will be more exposed, but you can choose 3 bundles with closure.

    But the biggest disadvantage of the hair bundle is maintenance, because it has been sewn into our natural hair, it cannot be removed for cleaning. Just like we usually wash our hair, wash it directly with a sewn hair bundle. It is important to note that dry your hair lightly with a towel to allow the hair to air dry naturally and not tug at the sewn hair.

    Compared with tape-in hair extensions, sewing bundles hair does not require frequent trips to salons for maintenance, saving a lot of labor costs. An actual hair bundle will last longer than film hair, like the buttons sewn to our clothes.

    Tape in human hair extensions is probably the best-selling hair extension product at the moment, they are much faster to wear than human hair bundles sewing, and all types of natural hair are suitable for tape in hair extensions for thin hair. Compared to hair bundles, tape-in hair extensions are easier to remove and can even be done at home. If your hair is of the finer type, tape in hair extension is the friendliest for you and won't pull your natural hair down during the removal process.

    The head of the best tape in hair extensions is 1.5 inches wide, it is easy to maintain, just needs to clean the adhesive, won't come off or tangle with the high quality tape in human hair extensions, and can be used many times. If the quality of the tape in hair extension is not good, you may need to reinstall it after 4 weeks of wearing.

    Whether you choose the best tape in hair extensions or hair bundles depends on your preference. Some people don't like the feel of tape in hair extension and feel it is very sticky; some people think that the human hair bundles are very safe. If you are still hesitating, you can go to our online store to see the time products before making a decision.