When most women think of adding length or thickness to their natural hair, they usually think of itip hair extensions or micro link hair extensions because they are easy to put on and take off. But if you're tired of the time-consuming work of removing itip extension, why not consider tape in hair extensions?

    Tape in extensions is very popular these days and is great for women with thin or fine hair because they can be placed higher on the head to create more volume without being noticed. Tape in extensions near me is more time-saving than hair extensions itip and easier to maintain. The point is that the cost of wearing in salons is now rising, and you can wear best tape in hair extensions yourself at home.

    The tape in human hair extensions has a lot of 100% human hair on one tape and is much lighter than itip microlink extensions. If you use itip hair extension to make short hair look natural, you must invest in at least 220 grams of hair to get the volume needed to blend them. But adding so many itips extensions can make hair look fluffy and unnatural. With invisible tape hair extensions, there are more real human hair on one tape, so you use less, they look more natural and fit better on the head, which makes them less bulky.

    Tape in extensions for black hair don't damage the roots, they bond to your natural hair using a bundle of tape. Your natural hair is caught in the middle, and those tapes won't have a bad chemical reaction to the skin, nor will any human hair extensions tool be able to damage your natural hair.

    Remy tape in hair extensions is softer and provides more flexibility. Tape in hair extensions for thin hair can last up to 3 months with proper maintenance and can be reused for up to a year. But our invisible tape in extensions can be permed and dyed at will to achieve the effect you want.

    For some women, cheap tape in hair extensions can be a cost-effective option, easy to maintain, and easy to apply, so make your next hair extensions before and after an appointment with us!