Many girls buy HD lace wig just to make their hair look thicker and longer, but the Brazilian human hair wig is more troublesome and expensive to wear. At this time, hair extension products gradually entered the public eye, and I tip hair extensions were the most popular.

    I-Tip hair extensions are best for short hair and you have full control over the length and volume of your hair without having to spend a long time choosing and buying different lace wig products. Plus, our itip micro link hair extensions use 100% Virgin or Remy human hair to provide the shine and softness you've come to expect.
itip human hair extensions for women sale online

    Using I tip hair extensions can be installed at home or by a professional in a salon, and unlike traditional U tips, they do not require heating. I-tip sticks can be easily installed using micro rings. If you have the basic tools and basic knowledge, you can easily install the i-tip hair extension at home. This is a very big plus for ladies who want to save money.

    The installation process of the i-tip extension is simple, and of course, the removal process is also very simple. Press the bead with professional hair pliers to open it. Then remove the beads and you can pull the hair out.

    I-tip hair extensions are lightweight and don't put any pressure on your hair, making them the best choice for women with fine hair. And they are reusable and belong to the semi-permanent line of hair extensions. The position can be adjusted at will.

    We have I tip hair extensions products in a variety of textures and colors, with thick and thin hair on the head, to meet your every need. Including hair accessories, it will also be divided into different specifications according to your needs.

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