Now, wigs are the latest fashion. If you go to a wig store or an online wig retailer for the first time, it's clear that you'll be confused by the number of choices you're facing. The knowledge of wig style, color and brand is only superficial. What you really need to know is what the wig is made of and how comfortable you will be with it, because fashion always comes after comfort. Wigs are mainly divided into two categories: human hair wigs and synthetic wigs.

Do you know the difference between Human hair wig and  Synthetic wig?

According to the reason for wearing a wig, you should choose the same wig. If you choose a wig to cover up scalp condition, alopecia syndrome or any pathological abnormality, then a wig of one material is most suitable for you; if you just want to change the shape or disguise as a certain person, a wig of another material is the right choice.

Human hair wig

Human hair wigs are made by transplanting human hair into a drug cap. What's special about wigs is that they give you the feeling and appearance of natural hair. Wigs can also be made from your own natural hair. It can be shaped and trimmed according to your needs, and it has heat and water resistance, which means all hair treatment equipment is suitable.

Advantages of human hair wig

1. The shape of human hair wig is free, and the applicability of hair products is strong.

2. The texture of human hair wig is very different, which may be close to your original hair.

3. Human hair wigs look very real and can be used for a whole year if properly cared for.

The disadvantages of wigs

1. The maintenance of human wigs is very high, because these wigs need daily cleaning and frequent deep care

2. Wigs are very expensive.

3. The color of this line is usually very unique, and it is difficult to duplicate an identical line after dropping.

4. Like natural hair, the hair of human wigs is vulnerable to the weather and becomes fragile due to caking and drying.

5. Due to large amount of oxidation, the color will fade quickly.

6. The wig is very heavy, so it needs a lot of trouble to shape.

Synthetic hair wigs

Synthetic wigs are made by grafting factory made hair to a hat. These wigs come in stylized shapes and instant fashion solutions. Wigs are made of naturally felt hair follicles. The hair is washable and durable.

Advantages of synthetic wigs

1. Synthetic wigs are very low-key maintenance products.

2. Wigs are very cheap.

3. There are pre designed versions of synthetic wigs

4. Although the synthetic wigs is a little difficult to shape, its style is still very durable.

5. These wigs have a lot of color codes and look natural.

Disadvantages of synthetic hair wigs

1.Their luster is very unnatural.

2. It's hard to redesign a wig.

3. It is not heat resistant, so it is impossible to model equipment.

4. Don't dye it into new colors.