1.Quantities of colors and types:

 The positioning of Hair extensions in the wig makes it available for different styling patterns. These Hair extensions are available in different styles, colors and lengths. As discussed previously the Hair extensions are made from 100 % virgin human hairs which make them fit for any styling, color and length. The make from virgin hair that is non-synthetic nature makes them free from breaking and also dyes, color wigs can be easily adsorbed on them. The non-fragile nature also allows trimming to desired length.

2. Multiple choice on your head part:

Unlike any other wigs which cover entire head area Hair extensions are designed such that some part on head in the shape of U has left uncovered. This is major advantage against the wigs covering full head and hence hampers the head respiration; Hair extensions allow space for aeration and keep breathability of scalp intact. Plus one can decide the place for Hair extensions like Hair extensions middle, Hair extensions side Hair extensions frontal, etc. These salient features of Hair extensions provide ease to wearer to select suitable hairstyles for them.

 3. Not easy for others to know you are wearing a wig:

 One of the most unique salient features of Hair extensions is that they provide unique U shape opening at middle or side so you can blend your natural hair seamlessly within the wig. This merging of original hair in wig gives wearer a very natural look. so, due to this these wigs go undetectable and people won’t easily catch up that you are wearing a wig until and unless you told them.

4. Easy To Wear:

Hair extensions human hair wigs for women are comparatively easy to install and take off also. You just have to braid your natural hair so that they will lay flat on your hair. Then just intertwine into each other. After that attach Hair extensions onto head. These wigs takes no time wear and therefore are convenient. Now put the wig on head adjusts claps. You can put the middle parts. This easy installation and take out of wig make it a choice for lazy girls who want to look cute. You can take out your wig before going to bed to relax your scalp also.

5. Protect you from suffering Hair Loss:

The Hair extensions middle wigs are particularly useful for a person with weak hairline or for those hairs cannot withstand strain put in by sew-in weaves. Therefore these wigs are of great help in protecting hair loss.  Because in U cap wig there is no need to go for sew-in as the cap is provided with an adjustable strap. Also U cap wigs are easy to take off so wearer can take them off as and when required so need to braid the hair tightly which is also one of the reasons for hair loss as the roots of hair get damaged. The ease of removing a wig makes it convenient to take off the wig at bedtime and massage as well as relax your scalp. You could also choose celebrity wigs.

6. Custom Wigs:

Hair extensions provide you with instant new hairstyle and that you can change as many times as you want. You can get newer look each and every time you want. As Hair extensions made from natural human virgin hairs they give you great space to style, color, dye, and trim your wig hair as natural hair. Someone in search of hair extension must try for this type as it takes no time to put on and that too in minimal efforts.

7. Durability:

 Due to easy take-off and wear nature of Hair extensions for women these wigs can be removed at bedtime and worn on next day with same ease and comfort. Also as they are made of human virgin hair the washing is also easy and hence these wigs are quite durable.