Hair weave is a kind of chemical fiber hair piece made of human hair or artificial hair, which is used to add hair to the natural growth hair or directly cover the natural growth hair. The best quality hair extension is the hair with the hair scales still in the same direction. This kind of hair is the most natural.

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Hair weave


Straight hair single file: this kind of hair is cut directly from a person's head. The hair length varies, just like a horse's tail.


Straight double: this hair is the best quality hair, the hair length is the same, all hair length is the same, there is no short hair.


Grade a Hair weave: This is a kind of very expensive Hair weave. The hair of grade a Hair weave is Indian hair. This kind of hair is unidirectional and double gear, and all hair length of Hair weave is the same.


Grade B Hair weave: this kind of Hair weave is made of special double gear hair. It is unidirectional and the length of hair is between 1 and 2 feet


C grade Hair weave: the hair scale of this kind of Hair weave is complete, unidirectional, but the hair of the whole Hair weave is multi inch.


Non Hair weave


Non smooth hair: non smooth hair is a popular and common hair. Its hair roots and ends are mixed, so it is easy to knot. However, due to its low price, it has the largest sales volume in the world. .


No knotting non smooth hair: this kind of hair is obtained by peeling off the hair scales, which reduces the friction between the hair, so it is not easy to knot.


Common non smooth hair: this kind of hair is not expensive, the scales of hair are in different directions, and the hair is easy to knot.


Single hair: the quality of single hair is inferior to that of double hair. The length of this kind of hair is different by 2 ", that is to say, it can be 2" shorter than the original hair.


Non straight double: this kind of hair is similar to that of the straight hair. All the hair is of the same length and is of better quality.


A: this type of hair is made of hair that is not easy to knot, that is, the hair scales are peeled off. The hair of the whole Hair weave is the same length, without short hair. This is a kind of high quality Hair weave.

B: this type of hair is made of non smooth hair. They don't knot, and their scales are peeled off. The difference is that the hair is in double gear. The length of hair can be 2 inches, and there is no short hair.


C: this kind of hair is made of non knotting and non smooth hair. The scales of hair are peeled off, but the single grade hair is used, so that the hair length of the whole Hair weave is different.


Chemical fiber hair


Chemical fiber hair is made of different chemical fibers. Chemical fiber hair, like human hair, can be a Hair weave or a single strand of braided hair. Most hair stylists don't advocate using chemical fiber hair as Hair weave, because it can not be preserved for a long time, and it is easy to knot and difficult to control.


Human hair


Most of the human hair used for Hair weaves comes from Asia (China, India, Russia). The lower quality hair is usually animal hair and chemical fiber hair. Yak hair can be rolled, ironed and dyed. Human hair is more versatile than chemical fiber hair, because human hair can be dyed and rolled with high temperature, just like treating your own hair.


India hair and Europe hair


Indian hair


Indian hair has its own inborn advantages. It is both thin and strong. It is cut off at the ceremony before marriage, and then sent to fade. After a few weeks, the new color permeates into the hair scales, and there are more than 54 colors to choose from.


European hair


European hair is more popular, straight and soft.


Knitting method of Hair weave




Bonding is a popular method of hair, is a very good way to increase the amount of hair or add a few strands of color full of vitality on the natural growth of hair. The edge of the curtain is fixed to the root of the hair with a special adhesive. In order to prevent damage to the primary hair, the curtain should not be placed on the hair for more than one or two weeks.






First of all, naturally long hair should be braided into a circle with the braid down. Then the hair is braided into the braid. The whole head should be about 8 to 15 columns. In order to maintain this hair style, wash the hair at least once a week.




This method is recognized as the most versatile and reliable method in the market. In this way, we need to use the hot melt glue gun to connect the hair one by one to achieve a real effect. The hair obtained by this method can be washed weekly, and can be shaped with hair gel and mousse. This is a time-consuming (8 to 16 hours) and expensive method


Network connection


This method requires braiding braids on a thin, breathable mesh. The mesh is taken as a plane on which the hair stylist can weave hair. The mesh makes the texture of the weave more elastic. If properly maintained, this style lasts for three months. To protect your hair, wash it once a week and use a hairdryer with a hood.


Trellis knitting


For basic braiding, it's difficult to combine artificial hair with your own hair. It's best to choose 24 inch hair when knitting. Separate the hair from the front of the head to the back of the neck. The artificial hair is folded into half and then braided into a knot at the front to add to the beginning of the braid. The hairstylist weaves 2 to 4 pieces, picks out some artificial hair, then weaves 2 to 4 pieces, and then picks out some artificial hair. This is repeated until all the artificial hair is pulled out. The stylist then adds artificial hair to the braid, continues the upper steps until it reaches the back, and finally the stylist ties the tail with a rubber band, or sews it with a needle and string at the bottom.


Clip receiving and sending


This is a technology that is durable and effective without negative effects. The Hair weave has a very small seam clip, usually a set of clip hair has an average of 8 human hair, width from 2 inches to 8 inches. Clip hair can be worn day and night, but it should be removed before going to bed. Some people wear clip hair outside at night, some wear it every day, which proves the versatility and practicability of this hair setting.


Lace hair


Recently, the rapid development of a kind of hair extension is lace, lace hair is a nylon net, and then manually hook the hair into the small mesh, so that the hair presents a more natural and realistic effect than the ordinary hair. A special adhesive is used to stick the hair in the position of the hair line. In order to ensure proper wearing, this type of Hair weave needs to consider head measurement.