Hair system is a great replacement for men’s hair for who is suffering from hair loss. Our company Toupeec is professional producing and selling toupees for men for almost 10 years. First of all, the hair system is all made from real human hair, so it will be definitely much more high quality than a synthetic wig. So others won’t tell if your hair is real hair or toupee human hair replacement

How to wear a toupee?

    The original length of the hair system is long enough for you to custom any hairstyle. The density is similar to real human hair, so it will be not easy for others to find it is a toupee product. It sticks to the head tightly, you don't have to worry it will fall off or be blown up when there is a strong wind. After customizing by our stylist, the hairpiece will be the same as what customers want it to be. It is also easy to care for and design by the customer at home, you could wash and clean it, and let it dry after washing or cleaning.

    Halloween is around the corner!!

    Are you worried about your toupee will be dyed into different colors during activities and you don't want others to know you are wearing a toupee? You could design and dye this one according to your need without worrying about the price then!! We have prepared a series of crazy promotions and activities each week for you!! The discount that we provided in these weeks will be the craziest ones!!