Curly but not too curly. Messy but not too messy. Defined but....well, you get the point.

Getting the waves you want can be hard to describe to a stylist, and even harder to execute at home. Today we break down a different type of wave and the best way to get them

     Loose wave is a kind of wavy hairstyles which has big and loose curls, this loose wavy pattern can be easily straightened bone straight and curled to suit any hairstyle. The beautifully defined waves are extremely versatile and will give you a more bouncy look



  Deep have hair extension texture flows in smooth waves, but they are much deeper than body wave and that results in tighter curls. These are the closest wavy extensions you can get without looking too curly. It is like someone cranked the wave level to the max. Deep wave is a great texture that looks really luxurious and boosts your hair volume. If you are buying deep wave extensions for the first time, please keep in mind that all hair is measured while straight, so the 20-inch straight extensions will look longer than 20-inch-deep wave extensions. However, if you were to straighten the later, they would be of an equal length. Hopefully, that makes sense. 

Again, proper maintenance is paramount. But if you want to just add to your natural curls, deep wave extension can really make a difference and add to length and thickness of your curls.

                   Deep curls are a bit tighter than a deep wave and they have a really cool natural look. Deep curls add a lot of body to your hair and create a funky curly look that is everything but boring. If you have naturally curly hair but lack length and thickness, or if your curls are damaged and hard to style, add deep curl extensions. Extensions are always a great choice because they are easy to maintain and style and when if you get bored with them, you can always just take them out and get back to your natural

hair style

without much trouble. 

The other benefit of deep curls? If you get extensions, the texture is already pre-applied so you don’t have to add chemicals or heat treatment to your own hair. And when all is said and done, your hair will look healthier, fuller, richer, and you will be able to style it more easily. 

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