What is a silk base wigs and why choose silk base wig ?


Silk Base Wig Is a kind of wig made by the silk lace instead of the normal lace and It Will let skin to breath especial for the guys who own the very sensitive scalp.


The advantage of the silk base wigs from dolago.com

1,  First silk base lace is stronger than normal lace type and it will last longer than the usual wigs in the market now.

2,  Silk base lace type allow your own hair and skin to breathe and this will give you cool feeling during all the time. And it is much more good to your healthy. It will perfectly match body temperature and always giving you then best feeling on head.

3,  The fiber of the silk base is more elastic and bouncy so it can be stretched into extra 20% then normal lace fiber then it will not easy to break down.

4,  Silk base is more comfortable and without any Chemical Based on the hand making. It is 97% protein, 3% fat and wax, it has 18 amino acids, which have a positive effect on a person’s skin.

5,  Silk Based Wig are more natural looking and the same as our real head skin and will be the best natural looking when wearing.

6,  As For The Another advantage of the silk base wigs updated from dolago.com and the price for the silk base wigs is much cheaper than market price only need about $100-$150

So dolago hair silk base human hair wigs is what you must have for the autumn.

silk base human hair wigs for women