How many types of textures of u part human hair wigs? 

There are many types u part human hair wigs. Based on this there are different methods to take care of them.

First, let me introduce all of you guys to the different textures of U Part Wigs.

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First, the big curly pattern u part human hair wigs texture, like the body wave u part wigs, loose wave u part wigs or deep wave u part wigs these patterns u part wigs are common texture human hair wigs.

Second, the common curly u part human hair wigs such as the loose curly u part shape wigs, deep curly u part human hair wigs, Brazilian curly U Part Wigs. These curly are not big patterns but they are very popular texture human hair wigs on the market.

Third, the small curly texture u part human hair wigs such as the kinky curly u part wigs, afro kinky curly human hair u part wigs, kinky straight u part wigs, also the light yaki u part human hair wigs and so on.

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The different curly patterns can meet the different needs of different customers. But what you need to know is that different texture patterns need different methods to treat with.  

u part wigs summary of common problems, such as hair loss, knotting, frizz, and so on.

The main reason for these problems is that the method of taking care of u part wigs is wrong, which causes problems in the use of u part human hair wigs. Therefore, we must pay attention to using different methods for different types of u part wigs.

As for a small curly u part wig, such as the afro kinky curly u part human hair wigs, you need to take care of the washing and styling skills.

First, do not Scrub with a lot of effort strength, also do not use the thin comb to comb it. Or the afro kinky curly u part wigs will lose the curly texture or even get tangled. So when you wash it then just tenderly comb it with your fingers and do not damage the curly pattern.

Second, after you wash u part wigs and do not use the hairdryer to blow it in hot temperature or it will get frizzy. Just use a towel to dry the water and then let it dry in the natural air. Third, when you install the afro curly u part hair wigs, please do not thin comb to style it also please do not comb it when the surface of u part wigs is dry.

Fourth, natural color u part wigs can be dyed and bleached, but please do not use too high a temperature to do this or it will melt the curly pattern.

Fifth, u part human hair wigs are easy to install and also easy to take out, so please do not wear u part human hair wigs to swim or sleeping or it will easy to make the curly pattern lose or make the wig get tangled.

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Today this blog is only a brief introduction to how to take care of u part human hair wigs.

if you want to know how to style or treat u part human hair wigs then you can just directly email us and we will send you details on how to do it to help you make your wigs last much more longer.

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