Now we need the common problems of the wigs in winter.

1, The Problem of Dry

2, The Problem of Frizzing

3, The Problem of Tangle

99j hair wigs on winter

Because the weather in winter is cold and dry so you may need more care on the human hair wigs on your head.

The first common problem is dry. You may find that your hair may much more dry than usual days in Winter.

So why human hair wigs may easily occur the problem of dryness?

The first reason is the wind in winter and the second is the dry weather. So when you wear the wigs in winter and it will more easy to occur dry problems.

And now how to solve the dry problem?

The best way is to oil your hair wigs with shampoo or milk oil. If you want to keep your wigs looking natural and new then you can take some milk oil on it after washing and natural dry it. But please take care of the time and not oil the wig very offer. Or it will not easy to keep the style shape for a wig. So here we suggest that you can oil the human hair wig one time by one week or ten days.

Coz the mink oil can make the hair soft and shining and avoid the dry weather blow dry the surface on the hair.

human hair care in winter

The second problem is that the hair on the wig becomes frizzing. This is also a very common problem for a human hair wig during the wintertime.

Frizzing means the hair already no nutrition and also no oil on the surface so it will not smooth looking and feeling. And at times if the wig blew by the dry wind then it will be easy to be frizzing like mad. So based on this you may need some tips to change the situation. 1, take care of the ending of your wigs and not cutting it too thin or it will be easier to get frizzing. 2, take your wig into deep nutrition protection and keep it bounce and healthy. 3, after you wash it then natural dry it and then give some oil on the surface on the wigs then it will no frizzing problems.

The Common Third Problem: Tangle

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The tangle problem is also a common problem for human hair wigs in winter dry weather.

As we know all human hair wigs may often occur tangle problems but it will be more serious in winter.

There are many reasons that can be caused by tangle problems. But in winter the reason for the hair tangle may just the winter wind and the winter hat wearing.

So the best way to solve this kind of problem is a suitable way to protect your wigs from wind and hat-wearing.

So when you need to go out then you can pull all your hair in the behind of your head or just style a ponytail on your head.