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Human Hair Weaves

Human Hair weaves

Dolago offers virgin human hair weaves at amazing prices so you can ensure you always look amazing. Our high-quality hair weaves can be dyed, permed, and styled within reason, giving you the ability to create a style and look that you love. We offer hair weaves online in a number of styles and textures including straight weaves, wavy weaves, and curly weaves. Most of our weaves come in colors ranging from jet black to medium brown, and we also offer bleached blond weaves for those who want a fresh canvas to add dye to. Whether you are looking for sew-in lace weaves with closures, braid-in hair weave bundles, or other types of weaves, we’ve got them. Find the perfect Dolago weave to compliment your natural beauty below!

Dolago also helps the majority of female clients on how to care for their hair and some common sense science of hair weave, hoping to help all women who pursue beauty to find the right hair for them!Please pay attention to our blog. We will create a large number of original popular science articles every week to help you understand the types of human Hair Bundles and how to distinguish human hair weaves according to hair type, curvature, amplitude and hair grade.

If you think that the human hair bundles is not suitable for your hair, we also provide you with high-quality lace wigs and hair extension products.

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Natural Looking Human Hair Weave

Human hair weaves are high-quality human hair products for women customers. Most human hair products users like to use human hair weave bundles during their daily life. Human hair weave bundles are the most common hair products in the hair market since they are real human hair materials making for women so they are natural-looking on the head.

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Why So Many Customers Like To Choose Human Hair Weave

Human hair weave bundles are still popular nowadays. So why most of the customers are still like to buy and use human hair weaves since there are a lot of other human hair products updated in the hair market like human hair wigs and human hair extensions and so on. Just because human hair weaves are cheaper than human hair wigs and also human hair weave bundles can be made into any human hair curly pattern. On Other respects, the human hair weave bundles can be dyed into any colors you need so most of the customers still like to choose the human hair weaves.

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Good Human Hair Weaves Wholesale Prices Online Sales Now!

As one of the best human hair weaves vendors online, all of the human hair weaves are made of real human hair materials so they are of good quality. To be honest, all the human hair weave bundles in our store are natural colors that can be dyed into any colors you like to try or wanted.

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Plenty Human Hair Weaves In Stock From human hair online shop is a famous human hair products vendor in the world, so we usually produce the human hair weaves in bulk so all the human hair weave orders can be shipped out immediately after your payment. Also now there are plenty quantity human hair weaves in stock for sale at cheap prices.

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Human Hair Weaves System FAQ

What Is Human Hair Weaves?

Human hair weaves are human hair bundles hair products. They are made of real human Remy hair or human virgin hair materials. To be honest human hair weaves are human hair products used to sew on the customer's heads to make all of them much more pretty looking.

How Much Cost For A Human Hair Weave?

Quality human hair weaves are much cheaper human hair products for women customers compared with human hair wigs and other human hair products. Usually, you can use the $100 to buy 3 bundles of human hair weaves. Also usually the three bundles of human hair weaves can make a full head for one customer.

How To Style Human Hair Weaves?

Style human hair weaves need to use the correct steps and methods, so before you install the human hair weaves then you need to wash it and then sew it according to your need on density.
Second, you need to take care of the way to style human hair weaves like do not use the thin comb to comb it. Do not use too much power to pull it and so no.


Human Hair weaves Can Last a Very Long Time With Proper Care, Usually, It Can Last About 6 Months or 12 Months, So You Only Spend About $20 For Each Month On three Human Hair weaves.


First, Do not use too much power to combing or drag, since the hair bundles are sewed on the hair weft so it can not bear too much strength or will be easy to get lose hair.
Second, Do not use the hair drier to blow the hair weaves on the top, since the lace can not bear higher temperatures.
Third, do not use the thin comb to style hair wigs frequently, or it will get tangled or shedding easily.
Fourth, Do not Wear Human Hair Weaves Sleeping Or Swimming.
Fifth, Please Remember That Condition The Human Hair Weaves Frequently With Hair Oil.