Double drawn:Great Lengths hair is double-drawn. This is a laborious manual process whereby shorter strands are removed. Great Lengths perform this process twice- hence the term'Double Drawn' which ensures that the volume and thickness of the Great Lengths hair bundles strand is consistent all throughout its length.

 Introduce you some knowledge about hair weave

Double drawn hair is relatively full, and the tail has more hair


Single drawn will have fewer hair tails


Double Weaved: The stitching is good for sewing clips


Single Weaved: Clip-on hair is usually used with the wrong side of the clip, so that it is convenient to sew the clip


The curtain of the combined piece will be thicker, and the single piece will be thinner


All our clip hairs are double weaved and WEFT is also combined


Remy:Great Lengths hair bundles uses only'Remy hair' from the French word "remis" which means that the hair is collected with the cuticle layer facing the same direction from root to tip just as they do in your natural hair. This collection process is a critical part of ensuring that the hair does not tangle when made into hair bundles.


Remy hair goes smoothly and is a high-end product among human hair. Human hair has roots and ends, and smooth hair means that the roots and ends are in the same direction.


Bonds: The bond is the site where the extension is attached to the natural hair. Great Lengths keratin protein is not a glue. It is a polymer compound whose molecular structure mimics human hair. Many other inferior hair weave methods use other polymers that do not behave like human hair which often lead to the deterioration of the bond and cause the hair to fall out. The Great Lengths hair bundles keratin bonds allow the hair to move naturally while at the same time having a strong hold on the hair without causing any damage to the hair shaft.


Cuticle: The cuticle of the hair is the hard, outer layer which acts as a protective barrier for the softer inner structure.


Virgin Hair: The hair is sourced from Indian temples in virgin condition- meaning that the hair has never been treated, bleached or coloured.


Chemically treated : Chemically treated refers to processes such as colouring, bleaching, perming or straightening hair which weakens and damages natural hair structure.

Depigmentation: The process of removing the colour pigment from the hair. Great Lengths uses a gentle osmosis method to remove the colour particles from the hair. No other hair extension company uses this method. Other hair extension companies bleach the hair in order to get the colour out, this destroys the cuticle and overall condition of the hair.

Clip In hair bundles: Clip in extensions are temporary extensions that are quick to apply for special occasions. The size of the clip in extensions can vary from one inch wide to a weft that contains 3-5 clips. They're an option of cheaper hair bundles as they're generally made with low quality human hair or synthetic hair. Clip in's can be harder to maintain as they can't be styled as part of your own hair, they need to be washed and dried completely separately. They should be avoided if your hair is too fine - the clips will be visible.

Tape hair bundles: Tape weft extensions are semi permanent and very quick to apply. See Great Lengths Fast Track. Application takes between 15-30 minutes and will last up to 12 weeks. Great Lengths Fast Track is the latest innovation in tape hair bundles and is manufactured with a transparent keratin tape bond. The width of each Fast Track strip is similar to a weft (4-5 strips are the equivalent to a full head of prebonded Great Lengths strands) but can be cut in smaller sections by your trained Great Lengths technician. Fast Track wefts lay flat and comfortably in your own hair and are effortless to maintain. Fast track hair is the same premium, ethically sourced ,A-grade hair that you have come to know Great Lengths by.

Micro Links: Also known as Micro Loop or Micro bead hair bundles.Micro Links are beads that are clamped onto the hair shaft. The inside of the bead has grooves (like a screw) which grip onto the hair. This can be damaging to your natural hair. Some micro links are metal which is particularly bad and damaging to your natural hair. When heat is applied to the metal rings, such as a blow dryer or hair straightener, the metal amplifies the heat on the hair inside it resulting in breakage.

Weft: A weft is a continuous hair weave that is either sewn or clipped into the hair. Typically it runs from one ear to the other and falls like a curtain of hair from the attachment area. Unfortunately most wefts are made from artificial hair which is cheaper or low quality human hair.

Weave hair bundles: Several sections of your own hair are tightly braided close to the scalp. A weft of hair is then sewn into the braid with a needle and cotton. If braids are made too tightly they can hurt and put strain on your scalp. Weaves are

best for thicker hair because the braids take up a lot of your natural hair. Wefts can be obvious in very fine hair as there is not enough hair left to hide the weft. Weaves are generally made of wefts of artificial hair or low quality human hair. Prebonded hair bundles: Also known as fusion hair bundles, iTip,UTip,VTip. Prebonded hair bundles , such a Great Lengths, are the most discrete hair bundles. Great Lengths patented bonds are keratin protein, keratin is the same protein that forms your hair, skin and nails. Because Great Lengths' patented keratin bond mimics the human hair's molecular structure, it makes it compatible with elements such as heat, water and sunlight. Prebonded or fusion hair bundles are the easiest to maintain, you care for them much the same as you would your natural hair. The added benefit is that you have wonderfully thick hair with volume every day for up to six months. If not applied and removed by a trained technician you could risk damage to your natural hair.