When shopping for human hair extensions and wigs online, you might come across Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, and Indian hair, to name a few. You might also see hair labeled as Remy or Yaki. For those new to human hair products, this can all be a little confusing. But don’t worry! As one of the largest manufacturers of human hair wigs, weaves, and extensions in the world, we know a thing or two about the human hair used in these products. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over each type of hair and how it affects the product as a whole.

Country Of Origin Options For Human Hair Wigs

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair wigs and weaves are the most common ones you’ll see, and for good reason. Brazilian hair pieces are currently the most sought after on the market and have a combination of attractive features. Not only is Brazilian hair soft and silky, but it can also hold a curl well, is incredibly durable, and thick as well. With lots of bouncy body and a natural shine, Brazilian hair is a beautiful choice for wigs, weaves, and extensions made with human hair.

Peruvian Hair

Peruvian hair is an excellent choice for those who want a lightweight weave or wig that can still hold a style. Peruvian hair is light, soft, and luxurious. Its texture is a little coarser than other types of hair so it blends amazingly with relaxed Black hair. It is also incredibly durable and can be styled and restyled with ease.

Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair is very luxurious and sleek, though not as shiny as some other hair. With the use of products, Malaysian hair can be styled easily and is very manageable. This type of hair is typically unaffected by humidity and is popular with people who live in humid clients that don’t want to experience frizziness.

Indian Hair

Indian hair is light and airy, full of volume, and can be effortlessly styled. Indian hair often has a natural straight or wavy pattern and does not easily tangle, making it a popular choice for human hair wigs and weaves.

Mongolian Hair

Mongolian hair used in wigs is soft, shiny, and luxurious. It is relatively thin hair but can still be styled as usual and is favored for its fine and soft texture.

Russian and European Hair

European hair can come from Russian, Spain, Italy, or other European countries. This hair is typically fine and smooth and works well for those looking for silky, straight hair as it may not hold a style quite as well as some other hair but it is incredibly strong. It is also much rarer than some of the other types of hair on this list, making it a more expensive option in a lot of cases. Russian and European hair is the most common type found on our kosher wigs!

Specialty Types Of Hair Used In Wig Making

Remy Hair

Every strand of hair is sheathed in what it called a cuticle — an almost scale-like surface of the hair you can only see if looking under a microscope. When growing from your head, the cuticles all face the same direction. However, when hair is collected for wig making, the hair has a tendency to turn around and the cuticle on each strand of hair might face a different direction. This can cause the “scales” to catch on each other and tangle. For this reason, non-Remy hair is treated to gently remove or seal the cuticle.

Remy hair, on the other hand, goes through a special collection process that keeps the cuticles facing the same direction so the wig can be crafted without having to remove the cuticle.

Yaki Hair

Yaki hair wigs are incredibly popular and feature a style that looks like chemically-relaxed afro-kinky hair. This is a popular choice of human hair wigs for Black women who want to have a straight hair wig that still looks like it could be their naturally styled hair.

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